Holly Draper is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of North Florida. In 2011, she received the Carl Steinsieck Memorial Scholarship to study abroad in Bologna, Italy—the residency culminated in a group exhibition at the Collegio San Tommaso. Draper has received numerous awards through juried shows at the St. Augustine Art Association and state-wide. In 2012, she received the J. Shepard, Jr. and Mary Ann Bryan Arts Endowment to further her career as a practicing artist.

Draper received a Master of Fine Arts degree from The Burren College of Art, Ireland in April 2015. Her work is currently featured in Imago Mundi, the Irish collection at Fondazione Giorgio in Venice, Italy. Solo exhibitions include New Works in Off-the-Wall Pop Up Gallery, Mountshannon, Ireland and Munch at the Staff Club Galleries, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Her work was selected for publication in the New Generation Artists Online Gallery/ The Irish Arts Review (2015), Studio Visit Magazine (summer 2016 edition), and An Image of Ireland: Contemporary Artists From Ireland (2016).

Draper worked as an Exhibition Coordinator and Art Workshop Facilitator in Dublin, Ireland before relocating to Washington, DC. She currently teaches Upper School art for BASIS.ed.


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